Nicholas Ferrar

A founding partner and Director at Company of Unicorns, Nic is also a Content Developer and Lead Programmer across a host of internal and client based work.

Nic’s work is built upon years of professional experience in Virtual Reality, Game Development, Project Management, Animation, VFX and Programming, giving him a uniquely broad skill set in the fields that Virtual and Augmented Reality draw upon.

Professionally, Nic has helped develop effective work pipelines for both software companies and creative development companies, providing improved workflows and greater yields for companies and clients alike.

Nic’s professional skills and experience are built upon a foundation of extensive education in Film, Animation, Visual and Special Effects, as well as the full gambit of Game Production from concept to release.

Nic is also a proactive community member, organising the Unreal Sydney meetup group, with the aim of better connecting developers, artists and technicians with one another to help foster a more active, productive and friendly professional scene in Sydney.

Jacob Barker

Jacob Barker is a founding partner and VR writer / director at Company of Unicorns, where he oversees the conception, development, and production of advanced single and multiplayer virtual reality experiences.  
    Working with the team at the Company of Unicorns, Jacob has draws upon his decades of professional experience in virtual, mixed, and augmented realities, robotics, automation, and human experience design, bringing together a team of highly skilled specialists making the impossible happen.

    Jacob’s leadership benefits from his long and varied experience within a wide variety of industries and projects.
    As a consultant, Jacob established himself as a core asset for anyone wanting workflow and pipeline designs, best practice development and the creation of training documentation. Drawing on this deep experience he is able to work directly with clients, artists and engineering to ensure smooth operations of many complex projects.
    His value add spans both the technical and creative realms; resulting in Jacob’s direct involvement in everything from production studio refits to providing actors and writers with script guidance and breakdowns to delivering finished footage to cinemas.
    Drawing on his roots as a creative artist, Jacob is moving forward in leaps and bounds with the Company of Unicorns team to create some of the most effective VR experiences possible.


Allison Reid

As a founding partner and creative at Company of Unicorns, Allison draws from a wide breadth of experience gained whilst travelling the wonderfully circuitous route that brought her here.  A trained designer specializing in luxury womenswear, Allison now brings her design ethos born in the realm of fashion into the world of virtual reality.  

Artistically, Allison’s emphasis is on whimsy, wonder and storytelling.  Playing with scale, form, texture, positive and negative space - the aim, always the same - to guide the eye to a surprise.  Allison’s creative work is propelled by the immutable desire to create moments of “awe” or “wow” - those rare and magical moments that have the power to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.  Importantly, Allison’s creative push towards all things wondrous is equally balanced by a practical understanding of the business underpinnings that permit creative ideas to take flight.

For years, Allison worked for FedEx Corporate Services in New York City’s garment district - optimizing global retail, wholesale, and manufacturing supply chains - before moving on to do similar work for the company’s corporate clientele on Wall Street.  The work served as an excellent opportunity used to glean insights into operations management, business development, and leadership.    

Today, these paths converge in what Allison sees as her life’s work - using technology to redefine the ecosystem in which fashion products transition from ideas to tangible goods.  Impelled by the belief that creativity need not be at the cost of human or natural resources, Allison is working towards an end that would simultaneously yield increasingly creative outputs and more responsible and sustainable systems and goods.  

Allison is an alumnus of Stanford University with a degree in International Relations, and a focus on nuclear nonproliferation.  She has a Master of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University, with a design focus on luxury womenswear and knitwear.  

Victor Limsila

Victor is a Senior Partner and master of all things visual at Company of Unicorns. An accomplished and capable 3D artist, he has taught courses on Modeling, Rendering, Photogrammetry and more across the gambit of 3D art at educational institutions and companies alike, helping improve the art and technology throughout the industry within Sydney and Australia.

Victor is a pioneer in the field of 3D scanning and Photogrammetry, his production process bringing a new level of fidelity and realism into the Virtual world like never before.

Victor is also an active member of the educational community, personally ensuring that the next generation of 3D artists and technicians are ready to flourish in a rapidly changing world.


Marilyn Le Tran

Marilyn Le Tran is a founding partner and industrial designer at Company of Unicorns. Specialising in the fabrication of rapid prototyping and creative solutions for design problems. Marilyn also consults on many projects, , all of which entails her industrial design skills as well as her passionate graphic design hobbies.

Throughout Marilyn’s educational journey in industrial design, it has allowed her to travel to Europe and Vietnam where she gained new found perspectives of the world in ways unimaginable. Further pursuits of her desire to design has moved her to Sydney, where she has developed the hunger for the startups and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Having previously worked in startup companies, she has contributed to one of Sydney’s most popular outdoor lighting exhibition events VIVID Sydney. Marilyn has also been one to endorse small businesses nationally and internationally due to her passion and belief in helping others grown.

One of Marilyn’s dreams is to someday create a movement for better living, to those that carry qualifications however have trouble seeking resources. To develop a platform where people have the access and support of the community and collaborative companies. This comes hand in hand to what Marilyn does today in the Company of Unicorns. 
Future product development in virtual reality for those who have minimal accessibility to such tools. Like Marshall Mcluhan preached “First we build the tools, then they build us.” It is the duty of this company to design new ways to better enhance the experience of the world, especially in places where we have yet to explore. This in turns endless possibility.